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Privacy Policy

Global Tax Online

  1. Web Page Security: We take security of our client data very seriously. We are committed to ensuring the privacy of your information and to complying with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), which are contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act). We use SSL certificates in our website for end to end encryption of any data transmission between us and the client. We regularly review our website’s security.  However, we cannot accept liabilities for any data breaches beyond our control, should they occur due to third partly malpractices or computer system malfunctions. 
  2. Data Collection: we do not collect your information only for browsing our webpage. When you decide to create an account with us and proceed with subscribing to a service, two forms of information are collected through our webpage.  

Some of the information you might be required to provide us (not limited to) are outlined below in the categories a and b. 

  1. a) your personal information (Creating account with us):
  • Photo ID
  • Other form of ID/ Bank Statement 
  • Address
  • Bank Account (for tax refunds)
  • Residency Status
  • Employment details
  • Spouse Details including income
  • Medicare details
  1. b) service specific information :
  • Pay slips
  • PAYG Summary
  • Bank Statements 
  • Business Statements
  • Receipts for all expenses
  • Employee/Contractor TFN/ABN
  • Proof of Payment to Contractors/Employees


  1. Information collected through our website is securely stored in a password protected and access-controlled database system. 
  2. We only collect information through our secured webforms on our website. We cannot take responsibility for any external webpage links. Unfortunately, despite maintaining an updated security system, we cannot guarantee against cyber safety threats. Therefore, please apply your discretion when accessing our webpage and, please be mindful of any third party predatory online activities, commonly known as ‘Phishing’. Please always be sure, before clicking any external links from our webpage. We strongly recommend you to carefully review and contact us, if you suspect a link. Unfortunately, we are unable to bear any responsibilities for the damages or financial losses caused to you due to third party malpractices or cybercrimes beyond our control.
  3. Knowledge and information: Articles and knowledge base and opinions published on our webpage are for general and educational purposes only, and do not consider your personal situation. They are collected from the available third-party publications and correct to the best of our knowledge. Please apply your discretion before relying on them. We recommend seeking professional’s advice. 
  4. When you register with us, we assume that you have authorized us to store your information, even if you do not proceed to subscribe to any accounting services, unless you expressly request us to remove your account from our system.  
  5. Our service on your account will only commence when you provide us with the relevant information and finalize payment for the respective service. Documents and payment information communicated through our webpage, will be securely stored in a password protected and access-controlled database system. Upon completion of the payment, we assume that you have authorized us as your tax agent without a written engagement letter. 
  6. Once your payment is updated, we assign a designated accountant to your service, who then will undertake to complete your requested service(s).  Our accountant may contact you for additional information or to provide you updates on the progress of the requested service. Please note that, any communication from our accountant will be through our portal or via business email, unless telephonic communication is required to notify you. We will not ask you for any material personal information over the telephone and will only ask you to communicate information through our business email or portal. Please contact us to verify for any suspicious activities. 
  7. Information Sharing: Any information you provide us will be used solely for the purpose of accounting services you have nominated us for, and we do not share your information with any third parties for marketing or other purposes without your consent. Accordingly, we disseminate your information to the relevant authority or organisations (ATO, ASIC, Financial Institutions), only as much is required and permissible for the respective service(s) you have engaged us for. 
  8. When we require additional information regarding the completion of a service, we will only ask you to send information through our official/business email (XXXX). We might provide you notification/reminder via telephonic services for the information, however, we will always ask you to communicate any information only through our official/business email. 
  9. We do not lodge or disseminate any information to third parties without your consent, unless required by the legislation. Any completed forms required to obtain a service on your behalf, will be sent to you for your prior review and will only be lodged with your signature or consent provided in other forms. 
  10. Please note, we must share your information (in full or partially as required) with government authorities or other parties when required by the legislation or by a court order. 
  11. You have the right to withdraw your personal information from our web-portal. Should you wish to withdraw your information from our web-portal, please notify us via your registered email. Upon receipt of the request, we will delete the account along with any documents from our system. Please note, for any completed services, we will retain documents relevant to the evidential requirement for the required duration.    
  12. Our privacy policy is effective from xxx, and is subject to change without prior notice. 

Terms and conditions of our services 

Terms used in this document:

We, Us, Ourselves: Globaltaxonline.com.au Registered Tax Agent No: XXXX ABN: XXX CAN: XXX, its staff or authorized persons

You: the client 

Engagement: Engagement with us only takes place at the completion of the engagement process. Engagement process begins with the registration of your account on our webpage by supplying required information, followed by obtaining login details, selecting required services, uploading relevant documents, and completed with the finalization of payments. Completion of these processes means that you have engaged us for the completion of appointments. 

Authorization:  we are required by law to obtain your authorization before we can act on your behalf. We will assume your authorization to us to act on behalf of you for the appointed matter(s), when you have completed the engagement process, in the absence of a written authorization letter. Your authorization will mean that:

  1. we can add you to our client list 
  2. we are able to access your information for the purpose of the appointment
  3. we can access your stored information in the ATO or ASIC portal for the purpose of completing the engaged appointment 
  4. we can access, retrieve, and store information regarding the appointment 


For the purpose of this document, appointment means business and accounting services required by you from us, and should be read in conjunction with engagement and authorization:

  • is provided for the purpose of undertaking any business and accounting services on your behalf, which may include,
  1. preparing your financial statements 
  2. preparing and/or lodging tax forms
  3. preparing and/or lodging Business Activity Statements 
  4. communicating with the relevant authorities regarding the appointed matters
  5. undertaking any other business and accounting services as directed by you


Business Services

You can appoint us for your required accounting and taxation services. Some of our services include (not limited to):

  • Preparation and lodgement of individual tax returns
  • Preparation and lodgement of Business Activity Statements (BAS) & Instalment Activity Statements (IAS)
  • Preparation and management of business tax returns 
  • Audit and defence services
  • Tax advice and planning 
  • Business advice on tax minimisation strategies 
  • Payroll management and reporting 
  • Advice on business structures and company formation
  • Obtaining an ABN 
  • ASIC services (Company formation, ACN )
  • SMSF set up & accounting services
  • Rental properties 
  • Self-employed and ABN holders

Our Responsibilities and Limitation of Liabilities 

Our Standard of Service

  • We act on behalf of you keeping your ‘best interests in mind’ and in providing your requested services we will be acting competently, timely and honestly; we will maintain a high standard in our works, and we will act in an ethical manner in all aspects of the provision of our services to you. 
  1. Finding best solutions for your circumstance
  2. Maintaining accuracy in our works and providing you updated advice, solutions at least to the industry standard
  3. Ensuring timely lodgment 
  4. Timely communication with you regarding any feedback, follow-ups or additional information required
  5. Being open and upfront about possible solutions, completion times and fees
  6. Maintaining confidentiality in handling client’s affairs
  7. Maintaining honesty and applicable ethical standards throughout the engagement    
  • Adhering to all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and standards in Australia, required and imposed by the Australian Constitution, Australian Parliaments, Government Authorities and Accounting Bodies.  
  • We respectfully engage with our clients and take our appointments seriously.  
  • All of our client information is stored in a password protected/ lock safe place and accessed only by the designated persons.
  • We abide by the Australian privacy laws in handling and disseminating client information. 
  • Clients can request us to close their accounts at any point in time they wish to do so, and request us to delete/return of their documents
  • In case where we call you to discuss a matter regarding the appointment, we will introduce ourselves with the designation, however, we will not ask you for any material personal or business information
  • Client has the right to refuse to consent to any competed document for lodgment 


Limitation of our Responsibilities and Liabilities


 “Liability limited by a scheme approved under professional standards legislation”.


  • In preparing your financial statements, forms and returns, we solely rely on the information you have supplied to us for the appointed purpose, and we assume they are accurate, relevant, and complete. Therefore, you will assume any losses or financial liabilities and their rectification resulting from the inaccuracies in the information supplied by you. 
  • While we strive to ensure utmost accuracy in our works, occasionally mistakes, omissions, and errors, and are unavoidable due to human errors, equipment failures or due to other unavoidable circumstances (manmade or natural). Should any errors or omissions be detected in our services, we will attempt but not guarantee to rectify the situation to a satisfactory standard without any further fees charged to you from us. However, any fees charged by third parties regarding such a situation will need to be paid by you. Also, any losses, or financial damages incurred in such a situation will not be borne by us. 
  • While we attempt to complete a service within a reasonable timeframe, at least to the industry standard, completion of any appointed services will depend on our workload, available human resources, timely turnaround of documents, and proper functioning of our business system. Therefore, we do not guarantee meeting any deadlines and cannot take responsibility for any losses due to missing deadlines. 
  • We securely store any information you provide to us according to the Australian Privacy laws. Your information is accessed only by the designated person for the services you have appointed us for. However, information regarding a completed service needs to be retained by us for the required duration according to the record keeping requirements by the relevant authorities before they are safely disposed of. 
  • Despite our utmost efforts to secure your information, we cannot be held liable for any data losses or damages due to theft (physical or computer hacking), fire, flood, computer malfunctions or damages, hacking, natural disasters or other unavoidable circumstances caused by natural or human actions and any consequential financial or other losses caused to the client. 
  • Refund of fees: Refunds of any fees depend on the amount of work completed. 
  1. For completed forms that are sent for client’s review cannot be returned.
  2. Refund of fees paid for appointments which are still at the preparation stage, will be subject to the deduction of equivalent hourly rates determined by us.  

Your Rights and Responsibilities

Your Rights

  • Receive a completion of your appointments within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Review any completed work before lodgment 
  • Decision to proceed with the lodgment 
  • Withdrawing your account with us and return of documents 
  • Decision to supply us any requested documents 
  • Enquire about the progress of your appointments 
  • Discuss about your options, tasks required for an appointment and fees before engaging with us
  • Enquire about our credentials and licenses 
  • Confirming with us about the credibility or identify of a person claiming to be our agent or staff


Your obligations

  • Providing us with the relevant and complete information regarding the appointed matter, and providing documents/statements containing true, complete, and accurate information
  • Providing evidence for expenses claims 
  • Providing details of other related parties involved in the appointments 
  • Timely supply of requested documents to us regarding your appointments 
  • Providing us complete information regarding your financial affairs 
  • Responding in a timely manner to our queries regarding the appointed service(s)
  • Communicating any information/documents containing material personal / business information, only through our business email, secured web portal, and/or in-person.
  • Not providing any personal/material/business information verbally over the telephonic system or other means except through our business email, web portal or in-person. 
  • Not to share your login details 
  • Finalizing fees before undertaking your appointment(s).  

Thank you,


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